GTFS Adoption in California

Developed in 2005, the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)  is  making  transit  trip  planning  easier  by  allowing  public  transportation  agencies  to  share  transit  schedules  in  an  electronic  format  that  can  be  used  by  a  variety  of  trip-planning applications, such as Google Maps. The GTFS can  be  used  to  share  static  transit  schedules  (GTFS-s)  or  provide  real-time  information  on  transit  vehicle  arrivals  and  departures  (GTFS-r). As a part of this project, we have collected data on the adoption and publication of both types of GTFS data by transit agencies in California.

The reports and maps below display and analyze our data on the adoption of both types of feeds. Click on each image to load an interactive version of the map.

California Transit Agencies

GTFS Adoption by Transit Agencies in Northern California
GTFS Adoption by Transit Agencies in the Bay Area/Central Valley
GTFS Adoption by Transit Agencies in Southern California

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